JAWS Accessibility Features in Reflection for the Web or Reflection Security Gateway
Technical Note 2333
Last Reviewed 11-Feb-2015
Applies To
Reflection for the Web 2014 (All Editions)
Reflection for the Web 2011 (All Editions)
Reflection Security Gateway 2014 (All Editions)
Reflection Security Gateway 2011

Reflection for the Web 2008 introduced enhanced support for JAWS for Windows. JAWS enables terminal display, as well as the graphical user interface (GUI), to be readable by the screen reader. This technical note lists the requirements for JAWS support.


To support the JAWS screen reader, you must have the following products installed:

  • Reflection for the Web 2014, 2011, or 2008, or Reflection Security Gateway 2014 or 2011
  • JAWS for Windows, from Freedom Scientific

For information about this product, see the Freedom Scientific web site at:

  • The Java Access Bridge for Microsoft Windows, from Oracle (formerly Sun)

If using Java 7 update 6 or higher, enable the Java Access Bridge by following the instructions on this page:

If using Java 6, download the Java Access Bridge for Microsoft Windows from Oracle at:

Note the following:

  • If JAWS is configured to read your keystrokes aloud, your password will be vocalized when you enter it.
  • In some instances, when the Reflection terminal display is refreshed, JAWS is not prompted to read the text. To manually prompt JAWS to read the screen, press Press Insert + Down Arrow (Say All).
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