Reflection X 14.0 and Service Pack 2
Technical Note 2185
Last Reviewed 29-Mar-2007
Applies To
Reflection X version 14.0
Reflection Suite for X version 14.0

An issue that affected Reflection X 14.0 SP2 has been fixed with Service Pack 2.1 or higher. This technical note describes the issue and provides a link to the service pack.


In Reflection X, when Secure Shell is used to attempt a host connection, rxstart.exe launches, followed by Reflection Secure Shell (rssh.exe). Normally, rxstart.exe utilizes a reasonable amount of CPU and terminates when the ssh connection ends or fails. And, rssh.exe terminates after a successful connection ends.


The following unexpected behaviors occur with Reflection x 14.0 when SP2 is installed:

  • Regardless of whether the ssh connection is successful, rxstart.exe causes the CPU usage to increase sharply.
  • Rxstart.exe fails to terminate after an ssh connection ends or fails.
  • Rssh.exe fails to terminate after connections end.
  • Rxstart.exe, and possibly rssh.exe, must be terminated manually using the Task Manager.


The issue has been fixed in Service Pack 2.1 (SP 2.1) or higher, which requires your Attachmate maintenance login. See Technical Note 2127 for information about the latest service pack.

Note: If you have Reflection X for x64 14.0, you must apply a different service pack, which is also linked from Technical Note 2127.

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