Reflection for the Web Sessions Fail to Connect
Technical Note 2115
Last Reviewed 30-Jun-2011
Applies To
Reflection for the Web 2014 (All Editions)
Reflection for the Web 2011 (All Editions)
Reflection for the Web 2008 (All Editions)

If attempting to launch the Reflection for the Web Administrative WebStation or a client session the terminal window appears (the applet is launched), but Reflection fails to connect to the host system or the security proxy and a connection error is displayed. Use this technical note to troubleshoot common causes of these errors or symptoms.

"Unable to resolve address of host"
"Connection refused by host"
"Connection to host failed"
Connection disconnects immediately

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

The following sections describe common causes of these problems and explain how to resolve each issue. Follow the recommendations for the problem you are experiencing.

"Unable to resolve address of host"
This error indicates that the host name or IP address is incorrect. Verify that the host name or IP address is correct and that the host is available.
"Connection refused by host"
This error can be caused by any of the following situations.
* Incorrect host name or IP address
The host name or IP address may be incorrect. A device other than the host (or security proxy) is being reached. Verify that the host name and IP addresses are correct in the session configuration.
* Firewall interference
Verify that the port configured for Reflection for the Web sessions is open in your local and network firewalls. For example, if Reflection for the Web is configured to connect to the security proxy on port 3000, confirm that port 3000 is open in the firewall.
* Incorrect transport protocol
The transport protocol configured in Reflection must match the protocol required by the host. Verify that the transport selected is correct. For example, if the host uses Telnet, Reflection must be configured for Telnet.

"Connection to host failed"
This is a generic error message that can have many causes including issues with HTTP/HTTPS proxies, certificates, keystores, security proxy status, and security proxy or SSL host port specification. For secure sessions, verify that the client can reach the security proxy.
See Technical Note
1556 for information about navigating HTTPS proxies.
A Java console is helpful in further troubleshooting this error further. For information about obtaining a java console, see Technical Note
Connection disconnects immediately
This symptom generally indicates that the session is configured to use a security proxy, but the security proxy cannot connect to the destination host due to DNS entries, routing issues, an incorrect host name/IP address, incorrect transport protocol or port number, or the destination host is off-line.
Verify that you can make a successful Telnet connection from the security proxy machine to the destination host.
Verify that the host name/IP address defined for the session is correct.

Contact Technical Support

After following the troubleshooting suggestions in this technical note, if you are still experiencing difficulties with Reflection for the Web sessions failing to start, contact Attachmate Technical Support. For contact information, see

Note: To receive support, your organization's Reflection for the Web maintenance agreement must be current.

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