Downloading Reflection 14.x Evaluation Software: Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Note 1441
Last Reviewed 11-May-2006
Applies To
Reflection Windows-based Products version 14.x

This technical note answers questions you might have if you are downloading Reflection 14.x evaluation software from Attachmate's web site. The first section covers general questions regarding the download and installation process. The second section discusses specific downloading error messages, their causes and resolutions.

Note: We strongly recommend you install evaluation software on a test machine and not on your production computer. If that is not possible, see Technical Note 1601, Saving Customized Settings Before Installing Reflection Evaluation Software.

General Downloading Questions

Where can I obtain Reflection time-limited evaluation software?
Go to
After I click the Download Now link, why does it take so long for anything to happen?
Your web browser is preparing to download the file. This is normal behavior.
When I download the file, should I save or run it?
When prompted by your web browser, it is suggested that you save the file to an appropriate location (such as your desktop or secured file server). Run the file when you wish to unpack the files and start the installation process.
Can I give the downloaded file to a friend so he or she can install it, too?
Please direct your friends to our web site so that they may download their own copies of the Reflection evaluation products. You may not rent, lease, sell, sublicense, or lend the software. See the Software License Agreement for more details.
How long can I use this evaluation software?
This is time-limited evaluation software. You may use the software only for the 60-day evaluation period.
How much free disk space will I need to download and install Reflection?
The amount of free disk space required depends upon your product selections. The installed disk space requirements are listed during the installation process. It is recommended that you have at least 800MB of available disk space to download, expand, and install Reflection evaluation software.
If you do not have enough available disk space, delete files you don't need, empty your Recycle Bin, and then try again.
How long will it take to download Reflection?
It may take 30 to 60 minutes or longer to download Reflection, depending on your product selections and Internet connection speed.

Downloading Error Messages

I started the installation, an now I am getting this message:
"Windows Installer Service version 3.0 is recommended for optimal performance with Attachmate (WRQ) Setup. Click Upgrade to upgrade the service or Skip to continue Setup without the upgrade. If you click Update a reboot will be required. After rebooting, you must restart Setup."
Windows Installer Service 3.0 provides several features for more efficient patching including the ability to remove patches. This update is optional and is not required for installing or operating Reflection. You can select Skip and it will not affect your evaluation of Reflection. Windows Installer Service can also be updated at a later time.
I started the installation, and now I am getting this message:
"The Windows Installer service for your operating system must be updated before continuing with the installation process. Click Update to update the service or Cancel to exit installation. If you click Update a reboot may be required. After the update, you must restart the installation process."
Reflection 10.0 or higher requires Microsoft Windows Installer version 2.0—the version that is included with Windows XP or Windows 2000 Service Pack 3. After you click Update, you may be required to restart your PC in order to integrate the Microsoft Windows installer. You should not see this message with future product installations.
After rebooting, you must restart the Reflection installation process. You can manually restart the installation by double-clicking the file, INSTALL.EXE, which can be found in the temporary folder such as ~hp14etle (starts with ~ and ends with 14etle).
I started the installation and now I am getting the error message: "Incorrect command line parameter version..."
The following suggestions resolve the most common causes of this error:
Confirm the existence of your Temp folder and TMP definition.
Manually initiate the Reflection installation.
For more information about these troubleshooting suggestions, see Technical Note 1538 titled Installation Error: "Incorrect command line parameter..."

If you have tried the suggestions above and are still unable to download the product, you can have a CD mailed to you by selecting Request the Evaluator CD from the Evaluation Software Request page or contact technical support for assistance.

Contacting Attachmate

If you have technical questions about the product, contact Attachmate Technical Support:

If you still have questions about the download, or want more information about purchasing a product, please e-mail us:

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