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Upgrade Path: Reflection Enterprise Suite Released 29-Oct-2015
Reflection 2014 R1 Service Pack 1 Update 1 Released 01-Sep-2015: Learn More or Download now
Security Advisory: Multiple vulnerabilities addressed in Reflection for the Web 2014 version 12.1.362 released 28-Nov-2016
Upgrade Path: Reflection for the Web 12.2 Released 29-Oct-2015
Reflection for the Web 2014 R2 (12.1) Released 11-Feb-2015: Learn more or Download now
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Reflection PKI Services Manager 1.3+SP1 Released 20-Jan-2015: Learn more

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Key Resources

Technical Notes
Forum - Reflection Products
Security Updates
Product Support Lifecycle Version Status

Platform Support

Supported Platforms and System Requirements - Reflection for the Web
Browser Requirements - Reflection for the Web and Reflection Security Gateway
Supported Platforms - Reflection 2014
Supported Platforms - Reflection PKI Services Manager

Programming Resources

Programming with Reflection for the Web
Reflection for the Web Macro Samples
VBA Guide for creating macros
VBA Reference Help
.NET Programmer's Guide to call API from C# apps
.NET API Reference
Calling Reflection 2014/2011 COM API
Using Reflection Terminal User Control in Your Visual Studio Project (Video - 10:38)
Programming Technical Notes

Reflection FTP Client Scripting
Reflection FTP Client Command Reference
Reflection FTP Client COM/OLE Automation API

Reflection 14.x Visual Basic (PDF)
Extra! API Code Samples and Reference Manuals
Extra! COM/OLE Automation API
HP Terminal Reference Manual (PDF)
VT Terminal Reference Manual (PDF)

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Reflection Enterprise Suite 2014 includes:
Reflection for the Web 2014 Limited Edition
Reflection 2014
Reflection Security Gateway 2014 Limited Edition

Evaluation Guide - Reflection for the Web
What's in Each Reflection for the Web Edition?
Evaluation Guide - Reflection for the Web 2014
Installation Guide - Reflection for the Web 2014 R2
What's Included in Reflection 2014 Products?
Reflection Videos
Reflection PKI Services Manager Overview

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